WCS provides a safe, secure, long-term solution for waste disposal while fully protecting the environment.

WCS’ greatest ally in this effort is the geology and geography at the disposal site. The WCS site in Andrews County, Texas was selected due to its location atop a ridge of 600-ft. thick red-bed clay in a relatively remote, semi-arid, sparsely inhabited area of far west Texas, with the nearest residence approximately 3.5 miles to the west in New Mexico and annual rainfall of less than 16 inches. The Texas Compact Disposal Facility and Federal Waste Facility feature the most environmentally protective designs in the industry with below-grade disposal in concrete-lined cells that are constructed inside a natural 600-foot formation of almost impermeable Dockum red-bed clay. No significant erosion has taken place at the site for the past 60,000 years and there is no reason to expect significant erosion at the site during the next 60,000 years.

We are unique compared to other facilities which must dispose of waste above ground due to the location of the water table which allows for the potential of erosion and no barrier protecting groundwater.

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