Disposal Capabilities

  • Current permit allows for safe disposal of 2,310,000 cubic yards of Land Disposal Restriction (LDR) compliant hazardous waste in the Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) disposal cell.
  • Safe disposal in the RCRA cell of up to 129,000 cubic yards per year of low Class A LLW & LLMW.
  • Near-surface disposal in a designated landfill of 960,000 cubic yards of LLW and MLLW generated/owned by the federal government of which approximately 300,000 cubic yards is expected to be canister disposal and 660,000 cubic yards is expected to be non-canister (bulk) disposal in the Federal Waste Facility.
  • Near-surface disposal in a designated landfill of 333,000 cubic yards of LLW in the Texas Compact Waste Facility for the states of Texas and Vermont, LLW for disposal from outside of the Texas Compact is authorized by the Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commision.
  • Near-surface disposal in a designated landfill of 30,000 cubic yards of by-product material generated by the federal government and the commercial/private sector in the Byproduct disposal cell.
  • Texas exempt radioactive waste for disposal in the RCRA meeting the following criteria:
    • Source material with <0.05% by weight of U and Th equivalent to U-238 up to 166.5 pCi/gm and Th-232 up to 54.5 pCi/gm
    • Finished products or parts containing metal Th alloys with Th <4% by weight
    • Specifically exempt items manufactured under a specific license that authorizes the transfer to exempt persons
    • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) containing Ra-226 or Ra-228 at less than 30 pCi/gm or any other NORM radionuclide less than 150 pCi/gm
    • Unrefined or unprocessed ores containing source material (U or Th)
    • Rare earth metals, compounds, mixtures, or products containing <0.25% by weight of Th or U or any combination thereof
    • Depleted U in counterweights installed in aircraft, rockets, projectiles, or missiles
    • Any other specific item exempt from licensing under Texas rules
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