Waste Control Specialists (WCS) provides the lowest risk waste management and disposal option in the United States.

WCS enjoys continued support from the people of Andrews County and the surrounding communities. This area is known for its lack of rainfall and semi-arid conditions that are well matched for permanent and safe waste disposal.

The WCS facilities offer our customers comprehensive waste services, including; receipt, treatment, repackaging, processing, and disposal for Class A, B and C waste, MLLW and LLW as well as NORM and TENORM, RCRA/TSCA, and byproduct material. WCS is the only commercial facility in the United States licensed to dispose of Class A, B and C LLRW.

Our Facilities

Learn more about the facilities at our site in Andrews County, Texas:

  • Texas Compact Waste Facility (CWF)
  • Federal Waste Facility (FWF)
  • Byproduct Facility
  • Hazardous/TSCA/Exempt Waste Facility
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