Waste Control Specialists is looking to accept spent commercial reactor fuel for temporary storage in Andrews County, Texas, the company is expected to announce Monday.

According to the Nuclear Energy Institute, the facility would be the nation’s first consolidated interim storage depot for reactor waste.

Citing potential savings for electricity consumers, the Commissioners Court of Andrews County last month endorsed adding a high level waste facility to the company’s current storage options. The county expects to take in $3 million dollars per year from a new facility.

In August, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality approved more than tripling the capacity of the company’s existing low-level waste facility and denied a hearing requested by State Rep. Lon Burnam, the Texas Tribune reported. At the time, Chuck McDonald, a Waste Control Specialists spokesman told the Tribune said that the company had no plans to build out that facility.

In December, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission granted the company an exemption for storage of waste from Los Alamos National Laboratory.