Federal Waste Disposal Facility

federal-wasteThe WCS Federal Waste Disposal Facility (FWF) was designed, permitted, and constructed for disposal of Class A, B and C Low-level Waste (LLW) and Mixed Low-level Waste (MLLW). The facility was constructed with the sole purpose of disposing waste that is the responsibility of the Federal Government as defined by the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Act, Amended.

All hazardous and radioactive waste at the FWF is encapsulated in a robust liner and cover system, featuring a seven-foot-thick liner system which includes a one-foot-thick layer of reinforced concrete, and an-RCRA compliant geosynthetic layer. In addition, all of the waste is buried within the highly impermeable red-bed clay formation that extends hundreds of feet beneath the deepest layer of waste.

The Federal Waste Facility opened on June 6, 2013. Upon completion, the FWF has a licensed capacity of up to 26,000,000 cubic feet and 5,600,000 curies total. It is not to exceed 8,100,000 cubic feet and 5,500,000 curies of containerized Class A, Class B and Class C in disposal capacity through September 2024. WCS obtained a license for the facility for 15 years with provision of 10-year renewals.

For a full list of FWF capabilities, please review the FWF Generator Handbook below.

If you are unsure of whether or not your disposal needs can be met at WCS, please, call our West Texas Office for consultation at (432) 525-8500.

How to Send Waste