Compact Waste Facility


Operational since spring of 2012, the Texas Compact Waste Facility (CWF) is owned and licensed by the State of Texas, operated by Waste Control Specialists. The WCS facility in western Andrews County is the only commercial facility in the United States licensed to dispose of Class A, B and C Low-level Radioactive Waste (LLRW) in the past 40 years.

The member states of the Texas Compact Commission are Texas and Vermont. As the host/party states, Texas and Vermont are providing a solution to the long-term need for disposal of LLRW. The CWF is also available for the 34 U.S. states that do not have access to a compact disposal facility. Out-of-compact generators, however, must submit an import petition to the Texas Compact Commission for approval prior to shipping. The State of Texas also limits total non-compact waste disposed at the CWF to 30% of licensed capacity.

CWF Capabilities include:

  • 9,000,000 cubic feet and 3,890,000 curies of disposal space
  • Accepts LLRW that is generated in a host state or party state
  • Accepts LLRW that is not generated in a host state or party state, but has been approved for importation to the state by the Texas Compact Commission
  • For more information on the Compact Waste Facility’s capabilities, review the CWF Generator Handbook below

If you are unsure of whether or not your disposal needs can be met at WCS, please, call our West Texas Office for consultation at (432) 525-8500.

How to Send Waste


Watch this video to see exactly how waste is disposed of at the West Texas facility.