Byproduct Facility


WCS’ Byproduct Facility is located within a 16-acre landfill with an engineered liner, associated support structures on the surface and a buffer zone. The total disposal capacity of the facility is approximately 1 million cubic yards.

Disposal operations at the Byproduct Facility occur completely below a thick layer of red-bed clay. This red-bed clay is a laterally extensive (tens of hundreds of miles) and very thick (>1000 feet) massive clay and sandstone/siltstone formation.

The existing disposal in the Byproduct Facility was shipped from the Fernald cleanup efforts outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. The cleanup efforts, considered a successful reclamation project by the federal government, has helped return a previous Cold War-era nuclear arms facility into a wildlife and nature preserve for centuries to come. Most of the materials stored at WCS from the site include uranium metal products left over from the Cold War nuclear activity.

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