Customer Benefits

Waste Control Specialists (WCS) provides the most comprehensive, full service, and complete Radioactive and Hazardous Waste Services in the Nation. WCS’ co-located treatment, storage and disposal facilities are recognized as having the most robust design and most suitable geology of any low-level radioactive waste (LLW) disposal facility in the United States. This benefits our customers by providing the lowest risk waste management and disposal option in the United States.

WCS enjoys widespread support from the people of Andrews County and the entire Permian Basin. This area is known for its lack of rainfall and semi-arid conditions that are well matched for permanent, safe waste disposal.

The facilities allow WCS to offer our customers comprehensive waste services (receipt, treatment, repackaging, and disposal) for a broad range of waste types: Class A, B and C, MLLW and LLW as well as NORM and TENORM, RCRA/TSCA, byproduct material.

Our Facilities

How to Access the WCS site

Directions from Midland Odessa airport:

Start: Depart Pliska Dr. (south) | 0.1 mi
Turn RIGHT (west) onto N Service Rd. | 0.2 mi
Turn LEFT (south) onto Windecker St. | 0.2 mi
Bear RIGHT (west) onto SR-217 Loop / Sloan Field Blvd. | 0.6 mi
Turn RIGHT (northwest) onto FM-1788 / N FM-1788 | 8.9 mi
Turn LEFT (northwest) onto SR-158 | 9.6 mi
Merge onto US-385 North (north) | 21.5 mi
Turn LEFT (west) onto SR-115 / SR-176 W | 31.6 mi
Entering New Mexico | 72.7 mi total distance
End: Arrive at Waste Control Specialists | 31.0 m