About WCS



At WCS, we are providing the most secure, safe and compliant waste treatment, storage and disposal services for our customers and employees by using technical expertise and innovation while incorporating the highest ethical standards.

WCS Site Overview:

Located within a 1,200-ft. thick nearly impermeable red-bed clay formation, the Waste Control Specialists (WCS) site ensures safe and permanent disposal of radioactive waste by combining this unique natural barrier with a custom designed and engineered, 7-ft. thick, steel-reinforced concrete liner system. WCS operates a fully licensed 1,338-acre facility located on our 14,900-acre site in western Andrews County, Texas.

  • WCS provides a one-stop location for treatment, storage and disposal of low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) and mixed low-level radioactive waste.
  • WCS provides vital disposal services at its Compact Waste Facility (CWF) for Texas generators of (LLRW) and generators in 34 other states that do not have an operating compact facility. Those generators include nuclear power plants, hospitals and research centers. WCS provides similar disposal options for the U.S. Department of Energy at its Federal Waste Facility (FWF) and for Section 11e.(2) waste at its Byproduct Waste Facility.
  • The State of Texas takes immediate title to LLRW disposed in the CWF and the DOE, upon closure of the FWF, does the same for waste disposed at the FWF. As a result there is no possible future liability for a generator that disposes of waste at WCS.
  • Offering the most robust facilities of their kind in the world, WCS is a long-term solution for the nation’s commercial and public radioactive waste generators. Furthermore, the environmental, management and transportation measures WCS takes on a daily basis ensure that any waste disposed of at a WCS facility will be safe and secure.

Consolidated Interim Storage Facility license application

In 2015, Waste Control Specialists (WCS) announced that it would seek a license from the nuclear regulatory commission (NRC) to operate a Consolidated Interim Storage Facility (CISF) for used nuclear fuel. Our new web site —www.WCSstorage.com— is dedicated solely to that effort and we encourage everyone to go there to follow our progress.



Noble Laureate Dr. Alfred Gilman discusses the important role Low-level Radioactive Waste plays in everyday life, and why the solution WCS is offering is necessary.