Senior Management

Rod Baltzer (Chief Executive Officer & President)

Mr. Baltzer was named Chief Executive Officer in 2015. He has served as President since 2006. Prior to that, he was Chief Financial Officer at WCS. Mr. Baltzer received a BS in Agricultural Economics and Accounting from Oklahoma State University and is a Certified Public Accountant. He has been with WCS since 1998, originally joining the company as an accountant.

Elicia Sanchez (Senior Vice President and General Manager)

Ms. Sanchez has been with WCS since 2000 and General Manager since 2012. She received a BS in Accounting from Texas Tech University and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Amy Samford (Executive Vice President & CFO)

Ms. Samford recently joined WCS. She is magna cum laude graduate with a BBA in Accounting from Texas Christian University and is a Certified Public Accountant. She has over 20 years of accounting and financial experience with both public and non-public companies in a variety of industries.

Dan Burns (Senior Vice President of Planning and Business Development)

Mr. Burns has 30 years of experience in the waste disposal business. He has been with WCS since January 2009. Mr. Burns supervises WCS’s sales and marketing efforts, develops pricing strategies and coordinates efforts as needed with operations and licensing.

Jay Britten (Vice President of Operations)

Mr. Britten has been with WCS since 2008 and has over 20 years of experience in the radioactive waste management industry. He is responsible for all waste management, maintenance, and engineering responsibilities at WCS. Mr. Britten received his BS in Environmental Science from West Texas A&M University and has worked at numerous Department of Energy sites including the Pantex Plant, Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site, Idaho Cleanup Project, and the Nevada Security Site.

Mike Ford (Vice President Licensing and Corporate Compliance)

Mr. Ford has been with WCS since 2016 and has over 31 years of experience in the nuclear industry. He received a B.S. in Radiological Health Engineering and an M.S. in Health Physics from Texas A&M University. He is responsible for WCS’ licenses and regulatory compliance and is a Certified Health Physicist.

Courtney Riley (Executive Vice President of Legal Services)

Ms. Riley joined WCS in 2014 and has 25 years of experience in corporate management and practicing law with a large law firm, the US Environmental Protection Agency and publicly-traded companies. She received her law degree from Southern Methodist University Law School.

Jane Grimm (General Counsel)

Jane joined WCS in 2010, with fourteen years of experience practicing transactional law with a large law firm, a publicly-traded company, and an investment fund. She received her law degree from Duke University School of Law.

Jefferson Shouse (Director of Quality Assurance)

Mr. Shouse has been with WCS since 2006 and has over 25 years of experience in waste management, radiation safety, licensing compliance and occupational safety.

John Sunny (Director of IT)

Mr. Sunny has been with WCS since 2010 and has over 15 years of experience in information technology, network security and related fields.

Tom Jones (Vice President of Community Relations)

Mr. Jones started with WCS in 2001 and has been Vice President of Community Relations since 2007. He has a B.S. and M.S. in environmental science and has worked since 1977 in the environmental, health, safety, and communication fields with several large publically traded and private corporations. Tom is responsible for interfacing with the local communities and updating them on items related to WCS. He is active in local civic groups and serves on the Andrews hospital board.

Betsy Madru (Vice President of Government Relations)

Ms. Madru joined WCS in 2015 after previously working for Texas State Senator Kel Seliger as his Legislative Director with a focus on environmental, agricultural and oil & gas policy issues. Prior public service includes time in former Commissioner Larry Soward’s office at Texas Commission on Environmental Quality where she worked on matters in all of TCEQ’s environmental medias. Ms. Madru coordinates WCS’s governmental relations with regulatory agencies, legislative bodies, and industry stakeholders. Originally from California, she holds degrees in Government and Creative Writing from the University of Redlands.

Business Development Team

Ryan Williams – (VP of Integration and Customer Services)

Mr. Williams has been with WCS since 2007 and has over 18 years of experience in waste management, business development, project management, operations, quality control, regulatory compliance, and safety. Mr. Williams is responsible for the Technical Services organization including waste profiles, shipment authorizations, waste acceptance, and waste compliance matters for commercial and federal customers.

David Cronshaw – (VP of Customer Support Services)

Mr. Cronshaw has been in the nuclear industry since 1978 when he began designing and building fuel manufacturing and uranium recover facilities for the U.S. Navy. Since then he has held a variety of position in operations, project management, sales and marketing for the nuclear fuel cycle, decommissioning and waste management organizations. He joined WCS in 2006 and is currently focused on making system improvements for business development. David has a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire and has been certified as a Quality Manager by the American Society for Quality.

Timothy Blythe – (VP of Business Development)

Mr. Blythe has been involved with the management of radioactive materials since 1987. His experience includes waste packaging, transport, processing and disposal. He has played in active role in every commercial D&D project in the U.S. and has been with WCS since 2012.

Steven Ferguson – (VP of Business Development)

Mr. Ferguson has been with WCS since 2011 in Business Development and Sales. He was with a Nuclear Services provider from 1995 – 2011 serving as VP of Business Development and Sales for a variety of services to the nuclear industry. From 1985-1995 he worked in the Radiation Protection Department at the DOE Fernald site. Mr. Ferguson has a BS in Liberal Studies from the University of Cincinnati.

Richard Sackett (VP of Business Development)

Mr. Sackett recently joined WCS and has 15 years of direct sales experience to the nuclear industry with an additional 14 years experience in processing and waste disposal.

Ken Grumski – (VP of Business Development)

Mr. Grumski joined WCS in 2009 and is engaged in federal sales efforts with the DOE. Ken brings over 23 years of experience providing a unique blend of commercial and federal business sectors, market development, sales, and program management. His experience includes a wealth of experience with waste logistics and rail transport. Ken has a Bachelor of Science in Business; majored in marketing and minored in statistics from Miami University; Oxford, Ohio and holds several current professional certifications.

Jeff Havlicak – (Manager, Business Development)

Mr. Havlicak joined the Business Development team at WCS in 2007and has been working in the radioactive waste industry since 1999. Prior to 1999, Mr Havlicak worked with the characterization and remediation of hazardous wastes at RCRA and CERLCA site since 1987. Jeff has a BS degree in Geology from Idaho State University and a MS degree in Geological Engineering from the University of Nevada-Reno. Currently Jeff’s focus is assisting brokers, processors, DOD,  ACOE and small-quantity generators disposition waste.