History & Economic Impact of WCS in Andrews County


Construction of Waste Control Specialists’ first hazardous waste landfill began in December of 1995. Twenty years later, the company holds multiple state and federal licenses and permits to treat, store and dispose of low-level radioactive waste at its 14,000-acre site in Andrews County. WCS currently operates four independent disposal units.

The economic investment and contributions have been significant for Andrews County. (The following numbers are updated at the end of the state’s fiscal year, which runs from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31. The current numbers are as of Dec. 31, 2019.)

  • WCS has made over $300 million in fixed-asset investments in Andrews County.
  • WCS currently employs 110 individuals at its Andrews, TX site. The annual payroll at the site is over $15 million (approximately $280 million to date).
  • WCS has invested approximately $115,000 annually in community and charitable endeavors.
  • WCS’ payments to the Andrews ISD Education Foundation to date total over $370,000.
  • The Texas Compact facility began operations in mid-2012; the Federal facility came online in mid-2013.That’s when the company and the community began to see significant revenue. Both Andrews County and the State of Texas receive five (5) percent of the gross of all radioactive waste disposal activities. WCS makes quarterly payments to the state and county.
  • Andrews County received its first direct payment of disposal revenue fees in June 2012. (The state’s fiscal year runs Sept. 1 – Aug. 31.)
  • Andrews County has received approximately $12.6 million in fee revenues since operations began.
  • The State of Texas has received approximately $55.6 million of disposal fees since operations began.




(Left) Russel Shannon of The Andrews Industrial Foundation discusses the beneficial partnership WCS has built with Andrews County and the surrounding communities.

(Right) WCS enjoys broad support from Andrews County, Texas and Lea County New Mexico. Listen in on why local residents support WCS and how WCS plans on supporting them.